The Fascinating Art of Tarot Cards

I used to read people's futures with Tarot Cards, not for money, but for fun.  I make no claim to be any good at it, and only ever did it to learn something about the psychology of fortunetelling.  I did meet with some small success.  The secret is to learn a little bit about your client before beginning and then read your client's facial expressions and physical gestures as you proceed through the reading, slightly adapting the meaning of the cards and their relationship to one another (the story they tell) as you do so.  The more and more you do it, the better you get at it.  I always thought of this as establishing an non-supernatural psychic connection.

But as much a learning experience as that was (anticipating a person't hopes), the real reason Tarot cards interested me was my fascination with the artwork.  There are many, many decks of cards out there -- google Tarot Card Decks -- with artwork ranging from the very simple to the very elaborate. Some are too simple and some are too elaborate for my tastes, but the talent out there is amazing, and some of the decks are stunning.  It takes a lot of imagination, time, and effort to design a standard deck of 78 cards around a theme, each with its own detailed drawing.

Here, as example, are three cards from the Wildwood Tarot Deck, which, if you are interested, is available on amazon.

Focus, Strength, and Determination

Struggle -- Press on against opposing forces

Introspective -- looking inward


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