Sara Winchester and Her Mansion

Winchester mansion was built by Sara Winchester of Winchester Rifle fame.  Legend has it that after the death of her husband and infant daughter, Sara Winchester came to believe her family was haunted by ghosts, possibly the ghosts of those killed by Winchester rifles.  So she built this mansion in San Jose, California, and had construction ongoing everyday of her life to ward off the ghosts.  The reality is that she did have construction going on her entire life, but she also dismissed the builders for periods of time.  Maybe she needed peace and quiet.  The results include:

--  160 rooms (some hidden)
--  40 bedrooms
--  2 ballrooms
--  40 stairways (some hidden)
--  One stairway goes nowhere ending at the ceiling.
--  47 fireplaces
--  10,000+ panes of glass
--  17 chimneys
--  Some chimneys stop floors short of roof.
--  Small rooms built inside larger rooms.
--  Balconies built inside mansion rather than outside.
--  Doors that can't be opened
--  Child-size doors next to adult-size doors.
--  A new room discovered as recently as last year.


  1. 40 bedrooms? that is huge, I wish I can visit it see it by myself. I wonder how many people live in it? Thank you for sharing details about it with us

  2. The movie on the Winchester mansion is coming to the theaters March 2018. Let's go see it together.


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